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Business Advisory Services

Trusted Advisory CPAs for the Construction Industry in Jacksonville

The construction industry faces multiple unique financial challenges. Contractors have to grapple with insurance premiums, rising material costs, and the ebb and flow of projects. When you work with tight profit margins, your business's finances must be properly managed. James and Harris CPAs, PA, specializes in construction advisory services in Jacksonville. We help you organize and optimize your company's financial approach so that you can focus on getting the job done without worrying about overhead and other expenses. Contact us today to get started!

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Why You Need a Construction CPA in Jacksonville

business advisory for the construction industry in JacksonvilleAs a member of the Construction Financial Management Association, we know the construction industry must follow specialized financial reporting and income tax rules. It's essential to get a CPA who specializes in construction industry accounting. Our team includes highly experienced advisory CPAs for the construction industry in Jacksonville. We understand the numerous rules, regulations, and requirements specific to the construction industry.

When it comes to construction business accounting, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our CPAs understand the nuances of construction material price trends and overhead allocations and ensure you don't make costly mistakes that could cripple your business. We also ensure precision and expertise in your budgeting and accounting processes.

Overall, financials are the foundation of your company's success. They affect every aspect of your day-to-day operations, as well as future plans for growth and transition. Building on a weak foundation means that your future plans could come crumbling down, and James and Harris CPAs, PA is here to help you avoid that by providing precise accounting services.

Dependable Cash Management Services

close up of construction plans with business people in the background discussing projectAs with every business, cash flow is critical in the construction industry. We understand that even profitable construction companies may have cash flow problems, resulting in several insolvencies in the industry over the past couple of years. Many contractors often go out of business because of poor financial management and not because they run out of work. We offer exceptional cash flow services to help you structure your company to optimize financial results.

Additionally, we provide special cashflow management strategies to help your company fund expenses, achieve profitability, and mitigate any losses. Our experienced CPAs will help you manage the time lag between income and expenses to cover costs every week.

Experts in Construction Software

Construction companies highly depend on precise accounting services. Each individual project varies in size, scope, labor, and materials, so you need detailed, job-specific financial data. Additionally, you'll need to process different transactions and costs under each project's unique circumstances.

Our Jacksonville advisory CPAs for the construction industry are familiar with various software options that can help construction companies like yours. We have experience with industry staples like ComputerEase, FOUNDATION®, and QuickBooks®. Our team understands construction packages and can help you track costs and evaluate your accounting software to ensure you're setting up, organizing, and implementing it properly to capture the financial data. That way, you can easily manage and report financials to all stakeholders.

Here are some common software services we offer:

  • Installation, setup, and integration
  • Training your staff on your chosen software
  • Optimizing your setup
  • Setting up the management reports you need to run your business
  • Integrating with other software
  • Providing quick answers to task-oriented questions

Furthermore, we can leverage your software's custom reporting options to generate tailor-made financial reports that suit your construction business. We'll show you shortcuts and ways to analyze data and generate better-informed and more comprehensive reports.

Internal Controls to Help Protect Your Assets

construction workers at work siteInternal controls are the rules, mechanisms, and procedures implemented to ensure the integrity of accounting and financial information, prevent fraud, and promote accountability. We can help you set up stringent internal control measures to help you comply with laws and regulations and prevent your employees from committing fraud or stealing assets.

Ultimately, your internal controls will help improve your operational efficiency by enhancing the accuracy and timeliness of all financial reporting. Additionally, we can conduct internal audits to strengthen your internal controls and corporate governance.

Reliable Jacksonville Advisory CPAs for the Construction Industry

James and Harris CPAs, PA offers reliable construction accounting services for contractors throughout Jacksonville. Our CPAs have several years of experience helping construction companies with their accounting and consulting needs. We have the industry knowledge and resources to ensure your firm is fully prepared to handle anything, from basic accounting and bookkeeping to transition planning. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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