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About James and Harris CPAs, PA - CPAs in Jacksonville, FL

At James and Harris CPAs, PA, we provide business, accounting, and audit services throughout Jacksonville, FL. Our experienced CPAs are dedicated to helping businesses in industries such as construction, engineering, and architecture. We provide clients with an open-door policy and keep ourselves available to assist in everything from qualifying for state funded contracts, to maintaining tax compliance. 

Accounting Services for Specialized Industries in Jacksonville, FL

As experienced construction accountants, we understand the complexities of running a business closely tied with government contracts. James and Harris CPAs, PA provides a hands-on set up of accounting systems so you can focus on running your business while trusting that your billing processes meet industry standards of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and others. 

Our CPAs optimize tax-based accounting methods and focus on creating a system that is reliable and accurate. We establish effective foundations by implementing job costing systems, to recognize the work completed, what was used and its costs, and the revenue acquired from the job. We want to ensure you receive the payment for the work your company has performed on projects. We provide compliance and tax services for your designated industry, ensuring property tax filing requirements and payroll, and keep you filing on properly and on time. 

James and Harris CPAs, PA is focused on implementing accounting systems that meet the requirements expected from government entities such as American Associates of State High Way and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

Audit and Advisory Services

Our Jacksonville, FL, accounting professionals perform overhead auditing, an essential step to qualify for state funded contracts in Florida and across other states. We begin with preliminary advisory services in order to implement accounting systems based on compliance with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). This audit, paired with our indirect cost rate advisory services, assists in implementing accounting systems that are focused on ensuring you receive the optimal profit for the projects you complete.  

For construction company owners and managers who need an assurance of their company and its financial processes, our firm provides financial statements and ensure there are no liabilities or misstatements. 

With our expertise and specific knowledge of the regulations required for construction accounting, we perform audits which support the several schedules and assurances necessary to stand apart when acquiring a contract from Florida and other states. 

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James and Harris CPAs, PA is provides the necessary services to ensure compliance, and that you qualify for valuable state funded contracts. From implementing optimized accounting systems, to performing audit and advisory services, we are here for you. Call our Jacksonville, FL, CPAs today for a free initial consultation.

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